BuJo Supplies + Stationery Haul

I bought way too many washi tapes, sticky notes, markers and other things, and now I’m here to swatch them all for you and make some poor attempts at hand lettering.


Stationery + Makeup Haul (Etsy, Target, Ulta)

Monthly planner supplies, liquid lipsticks, and my new all-time favorite makeup palette. I’m kind of in love with my new filming set-up. What do you guys think of the lights? โœจ

The etsy shop I purchased my planner from isn’t showing up, so here’s the MochiThings link:

I totally realize I hauled the NYX “Sandstorm” lipstick in my last haul, but I apparently wanted to haul it again so I could swatch it side-by-side with “Soft Spoken” lol. Don’t mind me being a total space cadet over here!